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  • Neelley Hicks

Equip Women Who Will Equip Other Women

They are inspired. They are brilliant. They are ready.

Five women, willing to serve their own communities by sharing knowledge that can improve lives. By their leadership and presence, girls and women will imagine new ways of being in the world – bold and beloved, fierce and determined – in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Who are they?

A part of Harper Hill Global’s campaign called “Women Arise” which encourages women to embrace their sacred worth and equality, some have crafted content for workshops and SMS, placed media in television and radio, and used unique technologies to achieve what many would have thought was not possible.

The Next Level

Together, we are seeking to go higher and deeper. Harper Hill Global will equip women of faith to be change-makers within their own communities. Beginning with these five women, they will be trained and equipped with media and mobile solutions that work from solar power and without the need for expensive Internet.  They will become voices of hope, reconciliation and transformation. Their voices will be heard above the noise – far beyond the walls of church.

How You Can Help

Invest in these women. For $2,500 each, Harper Hill Global will ensure that she receives the change-making content, technology and training necessary to help her community. You will be able to follow their work online to see how your gifts are helping to change lives.

Your one-time gift or monthly contribution will help make this possible.

  1. Support through a one-time financial gift of $100 or more (Tax-Deductible)

  2. Give through monthly financial gifts of $10 or more (Tax-Deductible)

  3. Share what you can – whether money, prayers, or a social network to spread the word. Each gift counts!

I keep going…trusting in God… responding to my call…and giving thanks for you.                                     Neelley

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