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Arise from Stigma

A deeply held belief in the East Congo Episcopal Area of The United Methodist Church is spreading: no stigma shall be placed on women who have suffered from sexual assaults.

Harper Hill Global is producing resources to further this message. Through “Arise from Stigma,” religious leaders will be equipped with communication resources necessary to engage congregations, small groups and communities within and beyond The United Methodist Church.  The building of a women’s center in Kindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo under the direction of Bishop Gabriel Yemba Unda served as the catalyst to “Arise from Stigma” which now carries the message beyond four walls.

Media, messaging and mobile solutions are key to the work, with “A Plea to My Father” serving as the first of the media resources, which is now available in eight languages. It has been broadcast on television throughout East Congo and shared directly with church leaders through WhatsApp groups. The innovative communications plan also includes a drumming and drama guide based on the animation, a workbook, a branded “Arise from Stigma” fabric for clothing, a radio program, and the use of recorded phone messages (IVR) created to inspire listeners and reach illiterate audiences.

This campaign is supported by United Methodist Women, The WiseHeart Foundation, Chocolate Moose Media, and individual donors like you. Giving to Harper Hill Global means that you are providing jobs to the Harper Hill Collective – communication professionals serving from various parts of the world throughout Africa, Asia, and North America.

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Communications Team:

 Rev. Dr. Betty Kazadi Musau

 Rev. Deborah Adewola

 Judith Yanga

 Ken Kalungi



Anna Warren

 Rev. N. Neelley Hicks