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Building a Better World through Humanitarian Communications


Harper Hill Global empowers the human spirit through media, messaging and mobile solutions aimed at
improving lives and relieving human suffering.


Harper Hill Global works with interfaith coalitions who have identified social ills commonly experienced within their communities, and whose goal is to improve lives and relieve human suffering through communications. Projects are accepted based on alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, adherence to the Red Cross Code of Conduct, and willingness to work with other potential partners with similar goals.

Harper Hill Global serves parts of the world where Internet access and electricity are limited, by using traditional and digital technological solutions, and through mass communications.

Funding comes through partnerships, and donations given by those who seek to alleviate information poverty throughout the world.

Our account management services help to build collaboration with interfaith and NGO partners for maximum impact, and is executed through a vast network of communication professionals. The Women Arise Network serves from various parts of Africa, communicating in over 10 languages, and skilled at communication strategies that work well within rural villages and urban communities.