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Harper Hill Global amplifies voices for social good.

We partner with health and trauma-informed organizations to
spread knowledge that improves lives, even in the most remote regions.

Harper Hill Global is partnering with the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors to mainstream trauma-informed care in local communities.


We equip and train faith-based organizations for integrating psycho-education with their programs and to reach out to their larger communities. 

Triumph Over Trauma transfers trauma-informed knowledge into trauma-informed care community care.

Go to to download free resources & sign up for training!

Your gifts really make a difference! Together we can bring health and hope throughout the world.

Consider a one-time or monthly contribution. If you would like to host an online fundraiser, please contact us.

Would you like to lead a Triumph Over Trauma group in your area? Would you like to teach better health to those around you or in the countries you support? 

No matter the skill, you can make a big difference in the

Harper Hill Global community. Get started now!

In a world where communications are often used to exploit and deepen divisions, Harper Hill Global focuses on issues that affect all humans and brings people together as a force for good.

Harper Hill Global empowers the human spirit through media, messaging and mobile solutions aimed at
improving lives and relieving human suffering.

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