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Overview and Purpose

Harper Hill Global expands the efforts of faith-based organizations that want to extend scientifically-based medical knowledge through their locally diverse communities. 

We produce easily understood materials in a variety of languages and also provide media grants for radio, television, and other appropriate advertising venues.

The Problem

Many people die because they lack knowledge or understanding about diseases and how they affect the body. This knowledge could save or improve their lives if it comes through trusted leaders

Our global pandemic illustrates this issue that affects people everywhere.

A Solution:
Health Communications

Harper Hill Global works with trusted women faith leaders to educate their local communities through animation, song, text messaging, and

in-person sessions.

We can help you bring lasting change within the communities where you have relationships. Contact us now! 

  1. Learn about the medical issues a particular clinic and faith community wants to address.

  2. Develop a communications strategy to raise awareness of disease prevention and treatment. If clinics need medicines or equipment, we coordinate through our partners so clinics can respond to new and existing patients. 

  3. Produce animations which can be versioned in multiple languages, providing a local voice to the situation, and do media placement (television, social media) to reach the affected publics.

  4. Craft messages of hope and health that can be automated and sent to communities via SMS/text. 

  5. Produce songs that highlight the hope and health that come from taking care of the body, and do media placement with local radio stations and social media. These songs are learned locally and performed by choirs, as faith communities amplify their voices for healthcare.


​We have used these methods to reduce the spread of Ebola, Malaria, Cholera, Covid-19, and prevent hypertension.

“Pregnant women die unnecessarily while giving birth due to hypertension, and many do not have the information or education to help prevent this before it happens. We are dispelling the myth that women die in pregnancy due to witchcraft.” 

Rev. Dr. Betty Kazadi Musau


"Some inhabitants of the region are skeptical about Western medicine, refusing vaccinations and avoiding treatment that could possibly save their lives. Hekima said breaking down that wall of distrust is also a priority. 'We want to make sure they know to go to the hospital, instead of relying on witch doctors.'"

Joel Hakima, Journalist, DRCongo

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