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Too many people suffer in isolation, unable to afford mental health services and a supportive community. 

The Triumph Over Trauma program offers the TAMAR* curriculum, a model for trauma-informed peer support groups, and a communications package that turns your house of prayer into a house of healing.

 "So my belief - my faith is that this work will save life."

Doris Adamu Jenis


*TAMAR (Trauma, Addiction, Mental Health and Recovery) was created by NASMHPD's Center for Innovation in Health Policy and Practice.

People often die from a lack of health education. If it comes through people they trust - trusted friends, family, and leaders, lives are changed for the better and even saved.

We work with trusted faith-based leaders to bring health education to their audiences, creating influencers for the common good.

"We are dispelling myths that women are dying from witchcraft in childbirth. It's actually blood pressure, and women need to have their blood pressure monitored while they are pregnant. People believe it's witchcraft when it's not; it's an old belief."

Rev. Dr. Betty Kazadi Musau



We train women in communications strategies and technologies so they can bring health and hope to their communities.



The right technologies can reach even the most rural areas and bring health and hope. We build tech solutions and provide training so voices for communal good can be amplified. Contact Us.

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