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Building a Better World through Humanitarian Communications


Harper Hill Global empowers the human spirit through media, messaging, and mobile solutions aimed at improving lives and relieving human suffering.


Founded by N. Neelley Hicks in the spring of 2017, Harper Hill Global integrates the love of neighbor with communication strategies & technologies. As a United Methodist clergywoman, Neelley’s combined experience in the fields of global communications, technology for development, and ministry has provided a methodology to assist communities in the USA, Africa, Haiti, and the Philippines.

Harper Hill Global was named to honor Neelley's mother and grandmother.


We focus on using communication strategies and campaigns to bring hope and health to communities.

Our global women's network (Women Arise Collective) is trained in communication strategies & implementation; health & trauma-informed content and equipped with mobile solutions that help them reach their communities - even in areas where electricity and internet are not accessible or affordable.

We add value to your existing mission through online training and equipping so you too can provide health and hope resources within the communities you care most about. 

While we are rooted in Methodism, HHG's work is inclusive of all faith traditions. We seek to embody the love of God by providing health and hope to all people.

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