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  • Neelley Hicks

Women Arise – United States

The Reverend Sherry Cothran is leading efforts to help women triumph over trauma by bringing new understanding to sacred texts. Music, written word and artistry are just some of her instruments. 

Listen.  The theme song, “Women Arise” was written by Sherry Cothran and Kim McLean. Watch the music video and subscribe to our YouTube channel! 

Read. The book, “Untamed Women” will be released on Oct 20, 2020, giving us new insight into the lives of women warriors, prophets and healers. Their stories show us what it’s like to live bold, free lives.

Participate. Women Arise Workshops will be held this Fall/Winter online, with interactive sessions among participants and leaders Sherry Cothran and Neelley Hicks. Watch for details!

Contact us for more information: or

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