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  • Neelley Hicks

Newsletter 11/9/2020

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

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Caring for Body, Mind, Spirit

When times are tough, it’s even more important to focus on our wellbeing. Who we are on the inside radiates out to those around us, and can bring disturbance, chaos, or peace.

Here are some apps that I use to increase my own wellbeing:

  1. Amazon Music: It comes free with an Amazon Prime membership, and there is a station called “Meditation” that I listen to as background music while I work. It lowers my energy “frequency” so I feel more relaxed and focused.

  2. Insight Timer: This app has a variety of teachers who provide guided meditations – some as short as 5 minutes. Instead of taking in a lot of new thoughts, this time helps you focus simply on being.

  3. TuneIn Radio:I start my day by listening to various podcasts which include Super Soul Conversations, Unlocking Us, and Enjoying Everyday Life. Bringing positive thoughts into my day balance out the negative news and help me keep pressing on.

Technology can help us lead better lives – we just have to set our minds to using it that way!

The Importance of Movement

Our bodies are made to move, and if we don’t get enough exercise, our minds can suffer from depression – which is something I deal with. The upcoming Women Arise Virtual 5k is meant to get us moving together for the year ahead. Since it’s virtual, you don’t have to worry about being able to keep up with those more fit than you. Just do what you can easily do, and push yourself to go a little bit farther. Ask a friend to do it with you. It makes a big difference! AND if you’ve not had a physical lately, check in with your doctor before beginning any kind of strenuous exercise.

Loving ourselves means caring for the body, mind and spirit. Love yourself today.


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