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  • Neelley Hicks


Amplifying seldom heard voices is central to our mission at Harper Hill Global – especially when those voices can save and improve lives. That’s why on Tuesday, February 11 we are releasing the Women Arise Podcast featuring women around the world who live near the bleeding edge of dignity – personally, professionally and culturally.

It starts with me in the uncomfortable place of being interviewed rather than interviewing others. Suzanne Cheeseman (You’ll get to know her along the way, and believe me, you will love her!) asked the questions and I got to answer them! Some made me squirm a little but hey, I think that when we share experiences with each other, we grow together. Women arise not when we act like someone else wants us to but when we are authentically and bravely ourselves…and that includes the experiences that uniquely formed us.

Listen on all major networks (Apple, Google, Spotify & more). Please subscribe to get alerts for new episodes!

In the following episodes, I get to pose the questions, and those who I’ve interviewed so far have been pretty candid and definitely inspiring. But here’s the thing: you can help. What questions do you most want me to ask? What do you want to know about women who’ve learned to triumph over small and great challenges? Who do you want me to interview? Send me a note at

Until next time, be love. For yourself…for others. Neelley

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