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The Collective Tackles COVID-19

The world has changed – seemingly overnight – and the reality we once knew is no more. But we are still alive, and a different way of being is developing whether we are conscious or unconscious of it. Our prayer is that each of you reading this is staying safe, focusing on personal wellness, and able to withstand the economic impact of the pandemic. God loves YOU. Never forget that.

The Women Arise Collective is Helping

The Collective has always been focused on the value of communication strategies and technologies to reach those who lack access to electricity and the internet. These same strategies and technologies are helping prevent COVID-19/coronavirus in at least 10 countries.

Hope and prevention messages are flowing now through the Collective, and new people are joining our efforts from additional countries. From basic text messaging to broadcast radio, we are leveraging technologies to reach people where they are.

A special series on Faith and Health is available on our Women Arise podcast and is focused on the impact of COVID-19 on world faith traditions. I hope you’ll enjoy listening on your favorite podcast network, or

Online Learning

Overcoming Stigma

Hopelessness is as deadly as any terminal illness, but healthy inner dialogue and self-perception can move us to do far more than we could have imagined. As we spread messages of hope, we reach women with words they may not hear from those who are near. We are on track to publish new Women Arise materials this year, and host workshops – online and, when safe, in person as well. We pray that we will be face to face with one another soon!


Since the pandemic began, Rev. Fred Dearing has supported efforts with crafting & collecting messages of hope. Kathy Erb of Christian Connections for International Health has created graphics for translated messages. Dave Robinson, Katherine Marshall, John Blevins, Adele Waugaman, Wayan Vota, Sybille Fleischmann and Firdaus Kharas have brought us into conversations so the Collective’s voice is heard above the noise of the day. This support and encouragement keeps us going.

PLEASE KNOW, YOUR contributions are funding communications that may very well save countless lives. THANK YOU.

Donate now.

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