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  • Neelley Hicks

Body, Mind, Spirit in Nigeria

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

How I Lead and Serve Women

I am praying to God to give me wisdom to lead and serve women, and also the heart to love the job and the women I am working with. Let God give me the courage to work with the women in trust, transparency, accountability and patience.

I want to support the women in prayer, advice and sharing their painful feelings and give them material support whenever I have the means.

The Women Arise Collective in Nigeria has entered into buying and selling farm produce during harvest in the months of October/November. Farm produce is cheaper then and at the onset of the raining season in May/June (during planting) most people have already exhausted their stocks. The prices of the grains will rise. Then I will sell my stock with the hope of making profit.

The profit will go a long way in funding some activities of Women Arise, Nigeria. The original capital will be kept, awaiting another harvest period. Hence it will serve as revolving funds in due course.

Your support helps Doris help others. Give what you can so the Women Arise Collective can do all we can.

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