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The Inspiring People at the Women Arise Conference

By Jana Melpolder

The Women Arise team never ceases to amaze, and during the recent Women Arise conference in Tanzania, a few team members gave encouraging words to the whole group. Read below the inspiring quotes gathered from these members while at the conference.

1. Acher Niyonizigiye

“Whatever the devil has, God is still at work…Working towards peace and reconciliation means involving everyone: people from all religions including Muslim, Christian, and Indigenous.” – Acher Niyonizigiye

2. Reverend Rachel Fwaila

“Jesus is my colleague. When God called me as a pastor, He gave me a revelation. If I meet someone on the road, I will share it. One day we will leave this world…Do your best to serve someone.” – Reverend Rachel Fwaila

3. Dr. Rhoda Manzo

“This morning I offer you Jesus who is the Prince of Peace. If we are looking for true peace, the source is Jesus. He will give us a whole healing. God bless us.” – Dr. Rhoda Manzo

4. Joice Damian

“The main goal of behavior change communication and trauma informed care is providing holistic care. We should ask appropriate questions when providing care…Education is the only way forward…I look forward to helping women in my community.” – Joice Damian

5. Dr. Reverend Betty Kazadi Musau

“Evil is being normalized…In Uganda you need to do something for somebody. In America you need to do something for somebody. The time is now. We need reconstruction of our own lives. In dignity we have protection…in Jesus we gain self-esteem. Not by the evil spirit but by the Spirit of God.” – Dr. Reverend Betty Kazadi Musau

6. Judith Osongo

“When we want to share and talk about trauma informed care, we need to understand what the story is really about…You must understand very well the culture of the person.” – Judith Osongo

7. Ken Kalungi

“I managed to travel to the Rhino Refugee Camp with the Virtual Classroom and co-lead a session on disease prevention and sexual violence. I showed the animation, “A Plea to My Father”. Both men and women watched the film, and after the film there were counselors available. I also have been able to show several short films at once while traveling with the Virtual Classroom, including a film on malaria. – Ken Kalungi

8. Doris Jenis Adamu

“Trauma victims are people who lose hope. We have to know their stories. If we know their stories we know how to help them.” – Doris Jenis Adamu

9. Ronny Ssemujju

“Behavior change communications is a tool…it involves building a friendship so they can trust you. And once you get to a point of healing…your personal behavior towards the client is very important. It’s the friendship that will help them in the process.” – Ronny Ssemujju

10. Reverend Suzanne Donasho

“Trauma provokes things from the mind. When someone is traumatized there is a gap in the brain. It destroys the mind. God helps us make a difference. When I speak of women as a big army we also have men present. Both men and women need to be committed to make a difference.” – Reverend Suzanne Donasho

11. Julia Shabani

“I want to use behavior change communications to focus on Typhoid Fever which is caused by dirty hands and dirty water. Typhoid Fever can be reduced by washing hands, and the technology we use can help promote that message.” – Julia Shabani

12. Lokale Senga

“I wanted to focus on stopping the spread of Ebola and shared information via SMS. I did a [randomized study] of 100 people and divided it into men, women, and youth. I asked, ‘What do you know about Ebola?’, ‘How were they informed about Ebola?’, and ‘How many people died from Ebola’? My scientific research found that during a month 20 youth, 10 women, and 6 men tragically died from Ebola. This work continues on and we have much more to do to stop the spread of Ebola.” – Lokale Senga

13. Louise Ekoto Omadjela

“I want to use television and other tech to support public health knowledge projects that prevent diarrhea so children are not sick and mothers can take care of their children.” – Louise Ekoto Omadjela

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