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Summer 2019 Women Arise Leadership Conference in Tanzania

Harper Hill Global is pleased to announce the “Women Arise Leadership Conference” will be held July 15-19, 2019 in Arusha, Tanzania. Participants will come together from at least five different countries to obtain a new understanding of behavior change communication strategies, trauma-informed care, and information technologies – all that support health- and trauma-care communication campaigns. In addition, attendees will continue to fine tune leadership skills and practice techniques in the presence of the growing Women Arise Network. Over the course of the Conference, the team will share what they have learned individually, so they can grow collectively.

Executive Director Neelley Hicks believes that communication strategies can improve the overall health and wellbeing of communities everywhere. “The Women Arise Network is committed to saving and improving lives through the use of appropriate information technologies and messages that lessen information poverty.” Throughout the Conference, skills gained in various workshops will be practiced to create a single, focused message that can be used in multimedia (such as indigenous communications, radio, SMS text messaging, television, or social media) to help people live their best lives. Participants will share programs they’ve led in the past year to improve dignity of survivors of sexual violence; increase awareness of Ebola prevention and cure; and taking the Common Pledge to prevent HIV and AIDS.

All current participants of the Women Arise Network are deeply committed to their Christian communities, and serve as female role models who serve God by loving their neighbors. The Network moves among interfaith settings, respecting religious differences, and coming together for social good. The Sustainable Development Goals guide the way for this common work.

Harper Hill Global’s vision is to build a better world through humanitarian communications. It empowers the human spirit through media, messaging and mobile solutions aimed at improving lives and relieving human suffering. Learn more at

Media Contact: Jana Melpolder,

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