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Harper Hill Global Helps Survivors of the Kalehe Floods in The Democratic Republic of the Congo

By Philippe Lolonga,

May 28, 2023/ Bushushu, Congo

The floods of 04/05/2023 in The Democratic Republic of the Congo killed more than 460 people. Now the survivors of this disaster live in deplorable conditions. Some are homeless and dwell temporarily in schools or churches. Others are now living in neighboring villages.

The United Methodist Church through Harper Hill Global is providing food and clothing to thirty households of the survivors.

Lay Leader Didier CIMANGA of the Bushushu cell of the United Methodist Church reports this has been a difficult time where hearts are broken by the death of family members and the loss of their homes.

“This is the first help I have received from the Church, and I warmly thank donors for this help,” he concluded.

Mrs. Jeanne KAHEMBA, mother of 6 children, two of whom died in the flood, thanks Harper Hill Global for this gesture of generosity at this difficult time.

“The clothes I wear were provided to us from the United Methodist Church through Harper Hill Global.”

Hervé CIBUGI, a young United Methodist, an orphan who lost his father and mother following these floods, confided, “Today I have become an orphan of father and mother, but our God will do everything so that I can finish my studies and have a house. I thank the Rev. Neelley Hicks for her good heart in giving us food today, and I plead if there would be any other people of goodwill to help me with the study costs and see how I can find a house.”

Maman MBILIZI Bonane, who is president of the United Women of Bukavu, says that Rev. Neelley is a woman of the heart because “today these survivors have lost everything. But thanks to Harper Hill Global, these households have benefited not only from food but also clothing.”

The Rev DS Clement KINGOMBE was there when the food and clothing were delivered. He asked the survivors of these floods to have confidence in God and to resume their fieldwork so that they can continue to live in peace.

The Bishop UNDA YEMBA of Eastern Congo thanks Harper Hill Global for this urgent aid of food and clothing to 30 households of flood survivors.

There is a continued need for basic support for the survivors of the Kalehe floods because the hardships are still enormous.

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Philippe Lolonga is a Harper Hill Global correspondent in Eastern DRCongo.

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