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  • Neelley Hicks

When Gun Violence Hits Home

Harper Hill Global is based in Nashville, Tennessee, whose community is suffering from a recent mass shooting at yet another one of our country's schools.

In the midst of political maneuvering and senseless justifications for why anyone should be able to buy assault weapons and guns without universal background checks, our children and families bear the brunt - physically and emotionally.

"We have not heard the cry of the needy" is a part of my faith tradition's confessional prayer to God. Confessional prayer does not cover us from continuing to go senseless and blind to these cries. The 2nd Amendment does not usurp all other laws (faith and otherwise), nor does a country's unjust laws give people of faith an excuse to stay asleep.

Moses confronted Pharaoh and disrupted the economic system that was built on slavery. As people of faith, let us disrupt the economic systems that support the gun industry that is ripping us apart at the seams. (Read about those profiting from gun violence)

Prayerfully, Neelley

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