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Help Us Expand!

Your involvement in our programs for peace, justice, and healing have been extremely important in reaching our goals throughout the years. By providing support or funds for our projects we are able to advance our mission to equip people of faith for social good.

Your gifts help us equip, train, and engage community-based leaders to care for the people around them. Harper Hill Global is grateful to be able to work with amazing people like yourself with the hopes to better the community and world. 

Because of Harper Hill Global's steadfast commitment to serving others, we are closing gaps that exist due to socio-economic disparities that limit people from getting the care they need.


"I had no idea the lasting effects trauma would have on my whole life. The Triumph Over Trauma group deals with the whole picture and has given me the courage to trust myself and believe in the goodness of people and life again. I'm feeling hope again for a bright future."

                                                   -- Kim, Triumph Over Trauma participant


Together, we are helping people recover from emotional trauma, preventing maternal mortality, and starting women-led businesses & ministries. By God's grace, together, we are helping to repair the world. Every step counts.

One-time gifts allow us to reach specific goals that end up making a noticeable difference. For those of you who are already providing a monthly gift, THANK YOU!!! Recurring gifts provide sustainability over the months to come. 

Recurring gifts are a convenient way for you to show your support. Easily sign up online to make an impact without ever worrying about writing another check! (Unless you want to.) Become a monthly supporter today, and you will enjoy: 

  • Quick, easy, and secure automatic monthly donations from your credit card or bank account.

  • Knowing your gift is received quickly and used immediately.

  • Regular updates on how your gift is making an impact

  • Complete financial statements provided for tax purposes.

  • The reassurance that you are truly making a positive impact on others. 

Please click the Donate button below and show your support by making a recurring gift. Suggested amounts are below, but we are grateful for your recurring gift of any amount. Thank you for considering the opportunity to increase your impact.

Level 1 of giving: [Monthly, annually, bi-weekly, etc.] 


Level 2 of giving: [Monthly, annually, bi-weekly, etc.]


Level 3 of giving: [Monthly, annually, bi-weekly, etc.]


So Far This Year...

This year, your support has created many opportunities to make a positive impact within the community.

This year, we have provided:

  • Free, online training and mentoring for small group facilitators of trauma-recovery programs in prisons, community-based programs such as Volunteers of America, recovery programs, Alaskan Native HOPE, and religious entities. (32 US states, 8 countries)

  • Monthly support and mentoring of a maternal mortality program that prevents the loss of mothers of young children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a Triumph Over Trauma & Stigma Initiative in Northern Nigeria that teaches and comforts women suffering from gender-based violence.

  • Support for women-led businesses and Triumph Over Trauma ministries in Uganda

  • And so much more.

Support from our partners directly goes to maintaining and growing these programs, which educate women leaders who share and pass down transformative knowledge. These are just a few of the ways your support has made an impact. And if you choose to make a recurring gift, just think how much that impact could grow!

May God bless all those you love,

and may God enlarge your heart

to love more!

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