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  • Neelley Hicks

Do Not Be Afraid

For several years it has been my privilege to work with people around the globe in a number of different venues.  Our teams have done medical, construction, technology, education, and the list goes on.  It has been an amazing journey.

Yet throughout these years, I have not experienced the atmosphere so prevalent today…an atmosphere of fear and helplessness.  Everywhere you turn you see persons succumbing to the Covid-19 virus and there is the lingering question of will I catch this bug and will I survive it if I do?  I believe this “feeling” must be in some way a similar to the feeling exploited women must experience as they ask what has happened to me or will happen to me today or tomorrow?  Will I survive and will I be able to move beyond the experience?  It is overwhelming to believe a better life, a better way will come.

We have just celebrated Easter’s message once again, albeit different that any I have experienced before.  But the message shouts to us all that fear is NOT the way to live or face the future.  Rather, knowing through our faith that God walks with us and values us and died for us should empower us to continue to be strong, even in the face of worldly tribulations.  It is this message I believe that Harper Hill Global is doing.

A growing network has been established by HHG to support women and families affected by violence worldwide.  It is that same network which is also being used to bring accurate and clear information to families affected by Covid-19 around the globe. Simple and easy to understand health tips and procedures to help ward off the virus can be like manna from heaven for those who don’t understand why they are getting sick.  And more than that, a message that they are loved and not abandoned and never have been by their God and creator is life changing.

We remember that Jesus promised us that in this world we will have many tribulations, but to be of good cheer for He has overcome the world.  This has always been true, but hard to realize when tribulation descends upon us.  Harper Hill Global continues to be on the front lines of helping our global community with good science information and with wonderful faith inspiration.  We continue to increase our work and we do this because so many of you continue to be financially supportive.  Thank you for assisting us as we continue to work and grow in the midst of the challenges.  And please know your investment in this work is shining a light in the darkness for so many who struggle for survival every day.  Thanks be to God of this great work and thank you for joining us in the journey.

Dr. David C. Lewis President of the Board Harper Hill Global

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