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  • Neelley Hicks

Containing COVID-19 through Communications

I would like to use this medium to thank God, thank Harper Hill Global for her programme, Women Arise. The programme has created awareness among women of their rights, help in cushioning the effect of violence against women and improvement of lives in general.

As the focal person and coordinator of the programme in Nigeria. I wish to highlight some of our activities in the last couple of months:

Using Textit (a cloud-based system for organized text messaging), we have been sending awareness text messages to sensitize women and faith leaders in Nigeria on the COVID-19 pandemic.  Through these 100 people, we see appreciation of the effort and believe that as they share knowledge with families and communities, even more will be reached. They are now aware of what to do to prevent themselves from catching the virus. As of June 24,* there are:

  1. 21,371 confirmed cases

  2. 7,338 recovered

  3. 533 deaths 

Sharing Health Education

Laraba Adamu is a health worker who is using the education to share with broader audiences. On May 31, she talked about the education program during a church service, telling the congregation how messages reach her every morning and expressing gratitude for the efforts of Harper Hill Global in her contributions to stop coronavirus’ spread. She asked the church to pray for our communications team, and to join in stopping the spread of this virus.

We appreciate and thank our donors for making this happen. You’re saving lives, nothing is small. Praying for more grace, wisdom, blessings and progress.


Our current challenges are:

  1. Spread of COVID-19 pandemic

  2. Lack of keeping lockdown rules

  3. Incessant killing by armed gunmen in other states

  4. Increased cases of rape/killing of victims

I’d like to give a shout out to TextIt – for their support, encouragement and credit they’ve give our team to do this important work. Please keep Doris and team – Dr. Rhoda Manzo and Daniel Garba – in prayer as they give of themselves in this important work. – Neelley

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