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  • Neelley Hicks

Women Arise Resources

The Women Arise Collective will release a new resource in early fall authored by Rev. Sherry Cothran, ordained United Methodist minister, author and musician. By amplifying largely untold stories of biblical women who were prophets, warriors and healers, women of today will be inspired to also begin writing new stories for their lives.  Sherry said, “As we dig up the bones of women’s stories who were also at times victims of violence, we find new language for what has been lost, healing for the soul’s wounds, and connect with the God’s image in us all.” This healing resource will provide foundation for Women Arise circles (beginning also late fall) and help many re-center old stories in new narratives. 

Sherry’s creative approach through song and story addresses biblical misinterpretations that contribute to violence against women across the world. Informed by Bible scholars who are resurrecting stories of female prophets, warriors, victims of rape, abduction and abuse at the hands of God’s people, we see a new movement unfolding. One in which women are finding identity as women created in the full image of God, learning to tell the difference between a manmade system and a God-breathed world.

In the meantime, download Sherry’s free resource, 15 Things You Never Knew About Women of the Bible! 

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