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“This is our story.” – Georgette

Each story was unique, yet similar, in the horrors shared and the heartbreak that followed. Georgette still doesn’t know if her then-15-

Judith Yanga, Director of Communications, East Congo Episcopal Area

Although I only met Georgette last week, it was this kind of story that motivated the creation of “A Plea to My Father.” Last November, I talked with Judith Yanga who is the director of communications for the East Congo Episcopal Area about communication resources that could assist with combating stigma. After having shared Firdaus Kharas’ work with her, we decided to create something together that would illustrate the layered suffering caused by stigma and spark discussion. Judith worked closely with us – supplying photographs so that scenes would be contextually appropriate, overseeing the script for local feedback, and offering small group viewings prior to its release. It was only right that the premier of “A Plea to My Father” occur at the “No Rape, No Stigma” workshop in front of the women who it’s intended to benefit.

Sometimes the beginning of healing comes when one’s own story is finally heard and validated, with blame assigned

A Plea to My Father” is airing now on RTNC television and radio in East Congo, on the East Congo UMC WhatsApp Channel, and shared via mobile phones. It is available free for download

Special thanks to Melissa Wheatley for use of photos. Follow her on Flickr !

Also reference: Why Has the DRCongo Forgotten Sweet Mother?

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