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Online Learning

Harper Hill Global offers online communications training to help you achieve your goals no matter which part of the world you live. CEUs available upon request.

Leaning into Online Ministry

You’ve built a ministry focused on togetherness in a physical location. Now, COVID-19 has disrupted everything – bringing many challenges your way. Let us help you face them, so your ministry can not only survive, but thrive!

Four one-hour sessions: June 15, 17, 22, 24, 9 am CDT Cost: $100 per student, group rates available CEUs available upon request

Our 2-week, 4-session course, “Leaning into Online Ministry” will fast-ramp you into the next phase of your ministry. Learn from topics such as:

Session 1: Building Your Online Space: What equipment is needed? Which platform do I use? Who can help me do the work I don’t want to do or can’t do…even on a tight budget? We will help you build a plan that you can immediately put into use.

Session 2: Passing the Plate Funding constraints can cripple ministry, but there are ways to keep current donors and attract new ones so your most important missions stay alive.

Session 3: Small Groups Isolation and loneliness have grown during these unprecedented times. Learn how to use online tools for small group development to bring care and spiritual growth to your members.

Session 4: Overcoming Your Fear Most pastors never planned to be in online ministry, yet here we are. Even when quarantine is over, expectations will have changed about what ministry “should” look like. Learn how to go with God and grow beyond your preconceived limits.

Your instructor is Rev. Neelley Hicks, founder and executive director of Harper Hill Global. Having spent all of her professional life engaged in communications technologies, she is perhaps best known for reaching some of the world’s most vulnerable populations with life-giving and lifesaving information through practical tech innovations. A helper by nature, she enjoys watching others succeed in using communications for good.

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