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  • Neelley Hicks

Left with Communication

Hi our beloved supporters, 

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the great work you’re doing to support the work of Harper Hill Global.

Your support has enabled the unreached people around the world to receive information on health and hope. This is a very difficult period which the world is facing. The pandemic is causing suffering to many in this world. COVID-19 is a unique virus affecting all. It doesn’t discriminate rich or poor, black or white but all people. Schools, churches, mosques, international movements are all locked down because of this pandemic.

I thank the Lord Jesus because amidst all of the challenges we are facing , we have been left with communication. Communication is a very strong tool we have to use to fight this pandemic. We used communications at the Uganda border, in DR Congo when we were fighting Ebola and Cholera.

My mentor Rev. Neelley Hicks told me that “Communications is so strong that it can pass through walls.”

I am one of the humanitarian communicators for Harper Hill Global who has been moving in villages to pursue virtual classroom communications to the unreached. We can now reach people in five countries – Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia. I share guided and accurate text messages to our people. I believe these messages are changing the world especially to people staying in the camps.

It is so good that when I do send messages of prevention and hope, I receive replies from these people – replies of thanks and appreciation. There are some people who don’t have radios and TVs. They have been challenged in knowing about COVID-19, challenged about the prevention measures, challenged about the government guidelines. Our work is to reach those people to access the information.

Social distancing has been taken as the best way to keep the spread of the disease. But in my community, people have to look for firewood, fetch water in long distances and sometimes you find them crowded on a borehole waiting for their turn to get water. We have people here who have to work and then get food for their extended families. When such people receive messages of hope from us they learn that there are people who think about them and care about them.

I take this opportunity to thank the doctors and nurses and all those people who’re saving peoples lives.

Kalungi Kenneth Communications Specialist Harper Hill Global

Note: A special shout-out to for their tech support, encouragement and credits which have allowed us to do this lifesaving work! – Neelley

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