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Celebrate Your Progress! 2025 Calendar

Let’s celebrate your progress!

As we set our sights on future goals, it's important to reflect on the incredible things we've achieved and the lives we've touched.

We're excited to capture these moments in a 2025 Calendar, showcasing the events that have brought us together, the stories that have inspired us, and the positive change we've all contributed to.

Whitewashed Brick

Your Next Steps

Between now and August 31, we’re asking you for photograph submissions to include in a special 2025 Calendar in print and digital formats.


Here are the details:


Who can submit: Anyone who has worked with Harper Hill Global on any initiative, including Triumph over Trauma, Faith and Climate, and Disease Prevention


The photograph: Please submit one to five high-resolution images. The limit is five submissions from one contributing group.


The details: Include the place, the month and year it was taken, and a description (50 words maximum) with each photograph. If applicable, include the photographer, any copyright information, and a URL.


Your submission gives us permission to include your photograph in the 2025 Calendar.


Deadline: August 31, 2024


If you’d like to contribute monetarily to the 2025 Calendar Campaign, your donation is tax-deductible in the United States. Whether you donate does not impact whether your photograph(s) will be considered. Donations will assist us in maintaining and expanding our non-profit initiatives around the world. Please click the button below to help us fund this important work.

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