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From this noble call to arise above violence, and societal norms that perpetuate them, Julia Ward Howe’s proclamation of 1870 became the inspiration for Mother’s Day.

This week, Harper Hill Global recognizes all women – not based on the number of children they have borne and raised in this world, but simply because women reflect the image of God, and that alone is sufficient to make humanity stand in wonder and awe.

God’s image is not static – it’s active, and within women is as diverse as stars in the sky, reflecting a myriad of abilities and ways of being in relationship. We go, and keep going, rising above indifference, misogyny and unjust systems. Patriarchy’s deep-seeded fear over loss of control may keep some systems in check, but women continue to arise.

As Julia Ward Howe sought to unite women with one voice for peace, so today I, and the women within our network follow her steps. Our deepest passion is that women arise together and, through the power of communications, amplify one voice for peace, one voice for dignity, one voice for self-respect and one voice for the well-being of all creation.

Here are a few things I’ve learned along this journey:

  • Recognize the power of your own voice. Your wisdom, experiences, and insights matter. Don’t disregard them. Give your own voice the respect you would give to your greatest hero/heroine.
  • Channel your voice effectively. Who can or will actually do something with what you have to say? Go there and say it! Don’t waste your voice on people and in places not yet ready or willing to receive what you have to say.
  • Know that you are an essential part of something much bigger than yourself, and, because of that, you are needed to contribute to the good of the whole. Focus on at least one thing you can do and understand that one thing matters.

Remember: you are God’s beloved. Nothing and no one can ever take that away from you.

Women, Arise!



 2019 Harper Hill Global
Leadership Training

will take place
July 15-19 in Uganda,
bringing together participants
from at least four countries,
and as many as nine. 

As the Women Arise Network
dives deeper into
behavior-change communications and technologies that best amplify voices for societal good, we need your help. 

Please pray, share this article, and give as you are so inspired.