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Virtual Classroom

While building new schools, colleges and universities is costly, we’ve found a way to educate that costs less and has the potential to reach more.

The Virtual Classroom

By combining the right technology with quality content, educators can use almost any setting as a learning environment. This is especially important in places that lack electricity and internet access.

A Virtual Classroom prepared for deployment. Solar generator not pictured.

The Virtual Classroom contains: educational content hosted on a laptop with a projector, speaker, portable screen, solar generator, and smartphone.

Within the Harper Hill Global network, women are being trained to apply these technologies in their local settings. This also allows them to model technological proficiency and overcome gender bias in the field of IT.

Learners of All Ages

Not everyone has the privilege of formal education throughout developing regions. When the Virtual Classroom comes to a community center, worship space, or outdoor arena, students of all ages may learn together in a new context where no one needs to be embarrassed.

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