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Hurunnessa Fariad

Hurunnessa Fariad is a special guest on “Engaging Religion & Politics: Navigating the 2020 Election as People of Faith.” Ms. Fariad, Head of Outreach & Interfaith at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center), oversees the outreach and public relations efforts of the center to educate the DMV and national community about the ADAMS Center and the American Muslim community it serves. She has been interviewed by a multitude of national and international media outlets.

Ms. Fariad also oversees the interfaith efforts at the ADAMS Center and is on the Board of Directors for VICPP (Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy), an active member of MJAC (Muslim Jewish Advisory Council), DMV Muslim Rep for PCI (Peace Catalyst International) and other multi-faith organizations. Ms. Fariad is the founder and Music Director of America’s first Mosque youth choir, The ADAMS BEAT, which is actively involved in interfaith and advocacy work. Hurunnessa is the founder and co-host of the Sister Act Podcast along with a female scholar on Christianity and female Rabbi co-hosts. The podcast focuses on lived experiences of life, faith and resilience as American women from the 3 Abrahamic faith traditions. Conversations centered around shame, stigma, rights and social justice issues and how faith addresses these topics.

Ms. Fariad grew up in Queens NYC and currently resides in Sterling, Va with her 4 daughters.