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COVID-19 Response

Since March 2020, the Women Arise Collective (the premiere initiative of Harper Hill Global) has been spreading information to prevent the coronavirus through SMS/text messages, with megaphones and radio added along the way. Below, you will see reports from the countries where we are present.

Our messages go to communities around the world, and includes all faith traditions. Messages are sent by area-specific members of the Collective, so people are reached in their local languages. All messages are crafted from scientifically-based disease prevention with added words of hope, love and comfort. We do not seek to convert recipients to any one faith tradition, but seek instead to practice the love of God through communications.

You are invited to share an offering of any size, and use social media to improve lives around you. For more information, contact Executive Director Neelley Hicks at

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Central Congo:
Ngaliema Commune’s Story about Coronavirus
Women Prevent COVID-19 in Central DR Congo

East Congo:
State of Health Emergency in DRCongo Ends
Fighting COVID-19 in East DRC
Overwhelmed Not Overcome

The Ravaging Effects of COVID-19 in Nigeria
Containing COVID-19 through Communications

A COVID-19 Report from Uganda
Left with Communication

COVID-19: My Kenyan Story

COVID-19 in Mozambique

Effects of Covid-19 in Zimbabwe