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Consulting & Services

Harper Hill Global offers communications strategy and technology services to ensure the success of your programs – whether inside the United States or beyond. 

Our founder, Neelley Hicks, is available for consultations, as are our team members throughout Africa. Just email us at for pricing today!

Our qualified, professional instructors can show your team how to ramp up to online expertise in today’s most compelling media and messaging platforms. We speak a variety of languages and meet your team where they are – online or face-to-face. Current courses

Never before in human history have we been able to reach people wherever they are throughout the world. Our innovations in the use of technology for global good are unparalleled. We can guide you to reach your audience – whether through simple, automated text messages/SMS, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, in-home production studio, portable solar-based solutions, or providing your students/trainees with digital libraries – we can recommend, train you to implement your program or do it for you.

Videocasting offers all the benefits of podcasting, plus more. While the audio version is still available on major podcast sites, your videocast is easily embeddable on websites and shareable through social media, increasing your overall reach. Plus, there are just some topics that need to be seen in order to be fully appreciated. We can help you get your message out. With each videocast package, you’ll receive high-quality, professional in-studio or remote recording, with the ability to record multiple guests; professional production, including intro/outro, onscreen graphics, and midroll message; all graphic elements (logo, thumbnails, etc.); full editing and producing; posting to your YouTube channel and conversion to audio and distribution to all major platforms.