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“Women Arise from Stigma” is a campaign originated in Kindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo to help women claim the fullness of their identity in God: beloved and able; fierce and bold; from different places, yet from one tribe.

Resources (available in English, French, Swahili, +). Contact to request.

A Plea to My Father animation to overcome stigma by Harper Hill Global, Chocolate Moose Media, WiseHeart Foundation.
“A Plea to My Father” Drama and Drumming Guide by Ken Kalungi, based on animation.
“Women Arise” Workshop Guide for Reclaiming Identity in Christ by the Reverend Dr. Betty Kazadi Musau.
SMS for preaching against rape and stigma by Deborah Adewola.
Radio Program Guide by Reverend Neelley Hicks, Judith Osongo Yanga, Chadrack Londe.

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“Esther” symbol of “Women Arise” campaign.

We are one tribe.
We are women.
Unique and brilliant.
Each in her own right.
Each in different lights.
Together, as we come into our own.

We uncover the shrouds of stigma
To reveal what has been from the start
Equal to, not less than
Our rightful place, beloved and ready
Dreams instilled to become reality.

We arise. We arise. We arise.
From despair and stigma,
we arise.
From acts of brutality,
we arise.
Beyond norms created by others,
we arise.
To the fullness of our Maker’s image,
we arise.
To a new day,
we arise.

Women Arise!
by Rev. Neelley Hicks