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Communications Specialist – Uganda

Harper Hill Global welcomes Ken Kalungi, now serving as Communications Specialist for Uganda and South Sudan. Ken’s first project is “Arise” – serving with a team of communicators seeking to combat stigma against survivors of sexual violence. This work stems from the East Congo initiative, “Congo Women Arise.”

Ken said, “I am so proud to work with Harper Hill Global. We need to join hands and pass messages of hope from one media to another using SMS, radio, television channels, and social media – speaking to people of faith, and asking them to influence their communities. When a message is received, a positive feedback will be attained, hence making the world a better place.”

Ken is from Wobulenzi, Uganda, and will complete a diploma in Cartography from the Institute of Survey and Land Management Entebbe in June, 2018.

Ken’s responsibilities include managing communication projects across a variety of sectors and partnerships; crafting new forms of media aimed at reaching those in low-resource areas of Uganda and South Sudan; and participating in mapping projects aimed at localized social good.

Ken is married to Nakamanya Faridah. They have two daughters, named Joy and Chloe.

Ken can be reached at or via WhatsApp at +256779879020. Follow him now on Twitter!

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